Friday, March 29, 2013


I haven't posted a weight loss entry in awhile. It's because there hasn't been a lot to say. I have been tracking with my weight watchers app (most of the time) but I haven't really been making it a priority. I say this because here's where I could offer 100 excuses but the reality is excuses are for people who need them. A person that I follow on Instagram (savannah nuveux creator of the muffintopless website) suggested instead of saying "I don't have time to exercise" try saying "I didn't make exercising a priority today." This is the truth.

So because I've let it fall by the wayside my weight has been stable but not losing for the last few weeks. This week I decided to shake it up. I am doing 1 week of eating all my points plus values with trying to eat as few bread and grain products as possible. This means loading up on proteins, healthy fats, dairy and of course fruits and veggies. I wanted to see if it made a difference. I decided I've read and researched as much as I can about different diets, healthy foods, types of exercise, clean eating etc. Now it's time to see what works for my body.

Today I decided to do a weight check and even I was shocked I have eaten all of my points each day and haven't exercised and I'm down 3 lbs since Wednesday. The thing about today is its Good Friday. For us Catholics that means no meat besides fish. Today will be tricky I think. No bread and no meat. Yikes. But totally worth it for another 3 lb loss by Wednesday. Fingers crossed I can stay out of the goodies!

Happy Easter everyone!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Family - what would we do without them?

Disclaimer - If you have a weak stomache maybe try one of my other posts from this week... this one deals with a great deal of bodily fluids.

I don't really know and I  hope I never have to.  This weekend is a family weekend.  Both of my brothers, sister in law and cousin all came out for some good ol' family fun.  Last night was great.  My Dad built a ginormous (totally a word) bar in their rec room and almost every Friday night they have 'bar supper' appatizers, drinks, munchie foods.  We had that last night plus Dad pumped up the oldies and Paige danced like crazy and of course, how do you not dance with an adorable 2 year old when she asks you?? It's a must!  We all danced and ate and talked and laughed the night away.  About 1 am I said well guys I gotta work tomorrow at 8 am so I better hit the hay.  Not a moment later came a shout from the bedroom where Paige and Auntie Shu were sleeping. 

"Mommy I puked"

Uh oh.  I was hoping maybe she just coughed up some phlem she couldn't quite get out and it triggered her gag reflex.  It's happened before and so I went and cleaned her up changed her pajamas, took the blanket (only the one thank goodness!) off the bed and that was - what I thought was - the end of the mess.  So I cuddled her and Uncle H cheered her up and we went upstairs to go to bed. 

"I wanna watch monkey" (meaning Curious George)
"Ok baby" I turned on netflix and chose her movie not a couple minutes into it she did the 'pre barf whimper' its a heart breaking sound so I, being totally unprepared, stuck out my hands to catch it.  Yeah.  That's love people.  I hollered for my brother to grab me a container but being a man he needed more specific instructions - "Which one??" he hollered back clearly flustered by Paige's plight.  Ohnevermind - you'd be amazed at how water tight you can make your hands when the situation calls for it.  I managed to get to the toilet and dump the contents then wash my hands vigourously while shouting back to my brother "It doesn't matter its a barf bucket!!" Paige and I would lay down and cuddle while watching her movie in between bouts of getting sick.  By 4 or 5 all the food was gone and it was just bile coming up.  Nothing I've experienced is worse than watching your baby dry heave so hard she can't breathe.  The worst part?  I still had to work in the morning.  I felt horrible for not being able to stay with her.  I did manage to get her asleep before I left - it just makes it easier on her.  Dad has already come and picked up her gravol, advil, popsicles and juice boxes and Mom is cuddling with her while they watch Fern Gully. 

My heart is aching and oddly I'm not tired even though I got 1 hour of sleep last night.  I just want to hold my baby.  However I am so incredibly grateful that my Mom and family is there to hold her and cheer her up any way they can until I can come back to her. 

Thank God for family. 



Friday, March 22, 2013

Never will I ever...

Time for a Friday funny post!

Maybe you've heard of the game 'Never have I ever..'  Maybe you haven't.  It's basically a party game in which party goers say the phrase 'Never have I ever... and fill in the blank with something they think is outrageous or just something they have never done.  Then any guest who HAS done whatever they've said has to admit to it, do a dare, take a drink etc.  Every and I do mean EVERY couple who has just found out they are pregnant plays a version of this game. 

Not me you say?  Said best by our friend Rafiki in The Lion King Think Harder...

This parent game is not 'Never have I ever...' It's 'Never will I ever...'

Sounding more familiar?  Yeah I thought so.

This game is played by newly expectant parents most often but it's also played by childless couples who hope to one day be parents or just have alot of opinions - everyone is eligible.  Let me give you some real world examples:

- Oh no! Never will I ever let my child watch more than 2 hours of television a week!  That stuff rots their brains!!
- Never will I ever give my child a pacifier - happy babies shouldn't need soothers!  If he's crying there's a reason for it and it's my job to find it out!
- Never will I ever let my child have candy or chocolate.  If they never have it - they'll never want it!
- Never will I ever cut the crusts off a sandwich - if they don't like it they don't have to eat it.

There are variations on any one of these and DOZENS more - but I think you get the idea.  The best part?  After you've broken all of your never will I ever's and realizing how stupid it was to say in the first place - watching other first time parents do the exact. same. thing.

The flip side to when said parent breaks these vows is this:

-Child(ren) has been refusing to play nicely, throwing temper tantrums every 5 minutes over nothing, the house is a wreck, there's not a scrap of clean laundry to be found and the dishes are growing new organisms and mom just wants to get something, anything done.  So she turns on a movie, cartoon, documentary whatever is on and the child is suddenly quiet and angelic.  She can almost see a halo forming over his little mop of hair.  That's the moment the t.v. stops being a villian and starts to look a little friendlier.
-Baby has been screaming non-stop for 3 hours.  She is not wet or dirty, not hungry or thirsty, not bored or overstimulated, not in pain, just cranky and tired but won't sleep.  Mom has not had more than 2 consecutive hours of sleep in longer than she can remember and that soother all but walks up and kicks her.  Out of the package it comes and into (the pot of boiling water for sterilizing of course :p) and then once cooled in that screaming face.  The world is quiet, birds sing, they both enjoy a long and well deserved nap.  Ahhh... soother (thumb etc)
-Candy and chocolate ergh.  I fought these long and hard.  "NO!" I said to everyone seemingly cornering me with sweets trying to shove them in my daughter's mouth.  She doesn't NEED it! She's just a baby! (somewhere around 9 months old) I had already - I thought successfully survived Thanksgiving without her getting any 'bad' food turns out my cousin had been shoving whip cream in her mouth every chance he got... :/.  Whole lot of good that did me or her.  The hubby fought these even longer and harder than I did.  He was adament.  In the end we all cave.  After all she's going to see me eating it - she's probably going to want it too.  We keep it in check and make sure she gets her fruits and veggies but a little chocolate won't kill her either. 

It's like a rite of passage.  I know full well that any first time pregnant woman, new father, etc reading this will be all shaking their head saying oh no - not me - I'd never ... which is ok!  I would've done the same thing.  I argued at great length with my mother, grandmother, cousins, husband, in-laws about what I would or would not let my child do/not do, eat/not eat.  It's good to have good intentions but it's good to know you're not a bad parent when you plunk your kid in front of curious george so that you can clean the house in peace.  I have a funny feeling that a new, different, second time parent version of the game is in store for us one day.  Not today or any time soon - but one day.

Happy Friday everybody! (or as P says "All-the-buddy's!")



Thursday, March 21, 2013


Tatuś : Polish meaning Daddy

Today is my Dad's birthday.  He was born March 21 in Poland.  I love and respect him more than I can express.  He's the best Dad - even if I had to wait for him a bit.  

You see, my dad and I share no DNA.  What we do share is a history of memories that I'm pretty sure no other kids on the planet have.

There was the time he taught me how to jump rope. (yes by showing me - whooeee do I wish I had a video of that!)  I promised him I would learn to jump to 100 and the day I showed him that I could - you'd have thought I had won a nobel peace prize by his exuberant applause! 

There was the day while standing around the burn barrel burning garbage that I asked him as a hesitant, shy, 7 year old - that now that he and Mom were married what should I call him?  He responded after a minute saying, "Call me anything you want except for Leak-in-the-roof or Late-for-supper" To which my smart-mouth self replied, "Well Leak-in-the-roof, you're late for supper!"

There was the time Mom had a craving for pizza at midnight and so she got up made homemade pizza (crust and all from scratch!) set the dining table in the formal dining room lit candles, cloth napkins the works!  Then woke everyone up, Dad looking just as confused as the kids and we had pizza and soda pop while rubbing sleep out of our eyes and then went back to bed - not 100% knowing if it was a dream or not the next morning. 

There was the many, MANY evenings of him and I hunched over at the kitchen table working on the latest math dilemma.  If Suzy is driving her car at 100 mph and John is driving his car at 78 mph who will arrive at the intersection first if Suzy is 14 miles away and John is 10 miles away.  ?????? My answer: They'll see when they get there.  Dad's response: Nooooooo (depending how late at night this was his 'no' might have had a touch of a polish accent in it)

There was the groggy mornings of having multiplication tables questions hurled at me because: You shouldn't need to think about it - you should just know! Know them by instinct I did - and still do (most of them... shh!) 

There was the very first time I got a 90% or higher in math on my report card.  I set that goal in grade 5 and it took me until grade 7 to reach it - but he made good on his promise and we went on a daddy-daughter date as a reward.  I was all dressed up - and so was he!  We went to The Olde Spaghetti Factory at the forks in Winnipeg and out to a movie.  He even ordered a drink he didn't want (twice because first he ordered the wrong one) so that I could get the 'conductor glass' they had as a promotion.  I felt like a movie star that night! 

Do you see a math related trend here? Yeah there is one... it wasn't my strong suit and he was determined to help me understand it.  That he did as I now work in the financial services industry - without him who knows if I would have the career that I do today.

There was the many, many hours spent in the workshop building crooked boxes (mine) and sanding down finished projects (his).  Him standing by and watching me when I needed to do it myself and helping me when I had thrown my hands up in the air and said I QUIT!

We watched our beloved blue bombers try their best!  Never did see a grey cup victory though... but Mom made sure we had as many football themed snacks as she could dream up and Dad wore all - and I do mean ALL of his blue bomber gear just for good luck! (including his BB seat cusion even though we were already sitting on the couch!)

You see it't not blood that makes a man a father - it's actions.  Actions will always speak louder than words.  Sometimes we have to wait for something we need.  I'm so glad my Mom picked this great man to be my Dad.  I'm even more grateful that Paige has this man for her grandfather.  You can see the joy in that little girl's eyes when she sees her papa, even if it's just a picture on a phone or camera, and hear her shout "PAPA!!!!" in that high pitched squeal only little girls can muster. 

Love you dad, daddy, tatuś and of course, leak-in-the-roof. 

Happy Birthday - and here's to many more!




Smater than I

This past weekend was a busy one!  The hubby and I had some fun filled adventures at our friend's social.  Hubby's parents got to babysit Paiger over night - so naturally she was totally and completly spoiled and forgot ever manner she's ever learned.  Then unfortunately on Sunday poor piglet started to feel sick. 

She was coughing and just not herself so it was early to bed (even though Nana was having a visit with us!) In the wee hours of Monday morning she puked in her sleep getting it all over herself, her hair everything.  You can't wipe anything out of hair especially not throw-up.  What does every kid want after throwing up? To be cuddled so cuddle I did, and in the process was covered in barf.  Into the tub she went - though she wasn't entirely happy about the arrangement.  After a couple minute of waking up she was splashing about and even chatting.

Paige,"Mommy I have my fishy?" I was too tired, lazy call it what you will to go find it seeing as there was already a dolphin toy floating by my hand. 
Me, "Sure baby here you go" (handing her said dolphin) Paige glared at me and said,"That NOT a fishy, that a dolphin mommy."

Oh geez.  Even sick and half awake the kid is correcting me.

Happy Thursday!



Thursday, March 14, 2013


I am very sorry for my abundance of neglect towards my blog!  I haven't been too busy, I haven't been ignoring you I just can't seem to finish a post.  I get started and then trail off and nothing sounds concrete.  At one point last week I had 6 draft posts! SIX! That's alot of uncertainty.  I tried to write about our snowstorm.. but didn't really have anything to say that 100 other people hadn't already said.  There was alot of snow, the roads were really bad, it was a pain in the butt for the town to clean up.  My mom even stayed with us for a couple days so she could get to work and back without having to drive 20 minutes!  It was nice to have her around and be able to pamper her a little (as much as is possible with a 2 year old). 

I guess it was hard for me to start and finish a blog post because I've had alot of dis jointed things going on.  Nothing really went together but any one topic wasn't really enough to write a whole post about - ya know? 

Maybe you don't.  Either way I think its just a hurdle I have to awkwardly hop over.  So without further adue welcome to the awkward jump-y blog post! 

No progress on the house selling/buying.  Just waiting for a buyer to come along and have the sale go through!  Once that happens we will know more about how the next few months will play out.  The hubby is getting antsy and I just keep saying 'if it's not happening this minute there is a reason behind it even if we don't know what it is'  I think he's tired of hearing that answer but it's all I have. 

Paige is CRAZY.  She is adorable, smart, funny, bossy, and a million other things but also a touch crazy.  Lately she is SUPER fussy and also incredibly infuriating.  Here are a few of the shenanigans that she's been into the past while.

The 5am snack incident
The evening before we had a nice supper that I had lovingly prepared and served.  Paige ate 3 bites and declared she was not eating that and was all done.  I said ok.  Later she was hungry (surprise, surprise) and I offered her the supper she had declined to eat.  "Oh no! I no eat that" Well then.  You aren't really hungry are you?  (it wasn't a gross supper either a very common one we've had 100 times) Before bed she got a little snack and then the fight to get her to go to sleep (usual) was on.  Once asleep I moved her to her bed and left to go to my own bed.  3 am a very small person shoves my sleeping self with a mumble from behind the soother "move mommy I sleep here now"  I crumple into my usual I-have-no-room-in-my-own-bed pose which requires me to make myself smaller than I actually am to fit inbetween the hubby and the takes-up-as-much-room-as-a-full-grown-man toddler.  Fine. Whatever.  This I can deal with I do most nights. 

5 am: Paige pokes my face and says "mommy I hungry eat" me "no" Paige "Yes mommy I want snack now" me "no" Paige cries and demands again "mommy now I eat move" me (tired and grumpy as its 5 am and I don't remember the last time I slept without being interrupted several times) "may I suggest you eat your supper when I put it in front of you and then you won't be hungry at 5 am"

note: If you don't know already I'll fill you in - when Paige gets mad she does a thing I call the "mad puke" she isn't sick, she isn't hungry, she is just pissed off that I'm not doing as she's instructed so she makes herself throw up.  We are anxiously awaiting her to outgrow this.

Paige cries and Mad pukes on my pillow and herself.  Great. Me "Paige you brat get out of here go to your room!" Paige continues to wail and makes her way out of the bed then mad pukes again on the carpet in our room.  Fantastic. I pick her up put her in her room (hard floor) and chuck my soiled pillow onto the floor in her room as well.  Paige (tears stop instantly) "Look mommy! You puked on your pillow!" Me: "No I did NOT puke on my pillow YOU did."  Paige: (grins) "Oh yeah I did."  Me: "Paige you aren't sick are you?" Paige (shaking her head no and grinning ear to ear) "Nope." 
You'd think the story is over here wouldn't you?  But its not.  Not even close.

I pick Paige up and take her downstairs I change her pajamas.  Me: "Paige are you hungry?" Paige: "Yes, me have peanut butter toast" Me: "alright." I go make her a peanut butter toast sandwich and bring it to her with a glass of milk.  I set it in front of her.  Me: "Here you go Paige, peanut butter toast just like you asked for." Paige: "I no eat that.  Me want applesauce"  Me: "Oh no.  You are NOT getting applesace after all this you can eat that and if you don't want that you aren't hungry." Paige: "Ok" gets off her chair and goes to play with toys. 

This my dear friends is just a small sample of the ridiculous-ness that this child throws at me every day.  Don't get me wrong lots of the time she is saying hilarious, heart warming stuff in place of the UN-heard-OF sassiness (Sassy-ness?)   I'm not sure where she gets it from but when I say that family and friends have a tendency to choke and snort and laugh so I'm guessing they want to blame me?  Buttt there is NO way on EARTH I was this bad this early.  She's not even two yet people!! NOT EVEN TWO! 

Tell me is being fussy about food a toddler phase? PLEASE tell me she'll outgrow it!



Monday, March 4, 2013

where did that week go?

Please forgive me!

Who knew a week could fly by in the blink of an eye?!

... everyone?  oh.  well then.

Last week was one of the busiest EVER.  Okay I may be exaggerating.  But seriously it was busy.  Work was nuts - think short or non existent lunch breaks (on which to run ALL of your errands thanks to neverletsgoincrediblyclingytoddler syndrome) no coffee breaks (on which you usually eat your lunch) and going to home to non stop evening activities.  I was out of time in every way I could think of.  Then if I did get 45 seconds to myself I would usually sleep or zone out while staring at the wall.  Monday through Friday it was like I was running a marathon that wasn't ending any time soon - however the hubby and I rescheduled our missed anniversary date for this past Friday.  Let me tell you how it went down.

"The Plan" - 5:30 get off work book it to day care pick up Paige
                   6:00 (ha!) get home leave the car running Chad runs out to the car while I change my clothes and put on make-up.
                   6:10 Leave the house
                   6:30 Drop Paige off at my parents house on the way to the city.
                   7:15 Get a table right away at Moxies order all food to come out at the same time.  Perhaps even describing our dilemma to the wait staff. (the movie we wanted to see only had one showing 8:15)
                   7:15 - 8:00 Enjoy a lovely dinner, pay the bill, leave to go to the movie theatre
                   8:15 Watch movie

"What actually happened"

I left work 10 minutes late - Paige dawdled at day care.  When we pulled up to the house Paige told me she needed to pee.  Soo I hauled her out of the car and into the house.  The hubby started asking me where a specific shirt was.  He wanted to wear that shirt.   Apparently none other would do.  The thing is the shirt he was describing I don't ever remember seeing.  I do all the laundry so this seems unlikely.  I had no idea he settled on a different shirt but not after much hunting done by yours truly.  Paige peed and then started playing and didn't want to get dressed in her jacket again.  Daddy convinced her that to go see Nanapapa she had to put it on.  Then I quickly changed - and changed again and we were on our way!  We dropped Paige off and looked at the clock - it was going to be cutting it awfully close.  We did get into the city for 7:15 but decided that there was no way on earth that we would be seated and fed and pay in 45 minutes at Moxies so I reluctantly agreed to go to Boston Pizza instead.  Nothing against BP's just that it doesn't qualify as a really nice dinner.  I also hate competing for my hubby's attention with TV's playing sports in every corner - but it was still guaranteed to be good food and a nice time.  Off we went. 

Reality.  It's 7:15 on a Friday night.  25 minute wait.  URGH Would you like to sit in the lounge?  They helpfully offer.  I. Hate. Lounges.  At the risk of making me sound like an old biddy - they are too loud and too busy.  I like to be able to enjoy my supper but we really, really wanted to see this movie.  Into the lounge we went.  No tables. shizah. What now?  Walking outside the restaurant - the hubby looks at me.  We start walking to the car

him "well what should we do?"
me "I dunno dear - do you just want to eat after the movie is over?"
him "sure"
me "but... dear you don't even like eating at 7 you think its too late you really think you'll be able to wait until 11 or midnight to eat supper?"
him "... yeeaah... I don't know"

We get into the car and start to drive.

him "do you just want to stop somewhere"
me "like where" *grimace*
him "I dunno"
me (joking)"there's a booster juice *pointing in the direction of a strip mall*
him "and a little cesars"
me "do you want to get little cesars (hot 'n' ready) pizza?"
him "I dunno is that ok"
me laughing "sure whatever lets just do that and then we'll make the movie on time"

So yes.  We seriously celebrated our 4th year of marriage with a $8.50 little cesar's hot'n'ready pizza.  That we ate in our car - in the movie theatre parking lot.  Followed by watching the movie 'Zero dark thirty' whilst eating an abundance of movie popcorn and soft serve frozen yogurt.  And you know what?  It was the best date ever. 

We laughed and joked and planned out what we'll do when our lottery ticket cashes in and wins us a cool $60M.  We comiserated over the *delightful* pizza.  We discussed and dissected the movie we watched.  Until Friday the Hubby and I had never seen a movie together in a theatre and we had a such a good time I don't think we will wait 4 years before we do it again.