Thursday, January 31, 2013

Who decided hibernation was a bad idea?

Seriously.  The husband texts me at 8:15 'forgot to take the garbage out'.  Great.  Of course you forget on the day where it is -37 degrees celcius with a wind chill warning and 40 km/h gusts of wind.  Oh yeah and today joy of joys there was 3 bags instead of the usual one as I've been on a cleaning/purging/organizing spree much of which just can't be recycled. 

That left me 15 minutes to actually get the child into the car, do the garbage, get her dropped at day care and my butt in my office.  I'm guessing a betting man would bet against me.  Well, he would be right.  I put Paige in the car then dashed to the back deck grabbed the bags and in an attempt to 'speed things up' I tossed the first bag over the railing instead of carrying it around through the gate.

Clearly cold weather affects brain function - any guesses as to what happened?  Bingo - bag #1 split wide open, trash spilling onto my driveway.  It's lucky Paige was in the car because I think I screamed.  So muttering and mumbling I carried bags #2 and 3 around through the gate then ran back into the house to grab another bag to put all of the spilled crap into... I finally got all 3 bags to the end of the driveway but anything over one bag you have to pay for tags for the others.  They are orange stickers with numbers and the town's name on them you just unpeel it and stick it to your garbage bag.  Sounds simple right?   It is - in theory.  I had to take my gloves off to get that plasticy backing off of my stickers - then I had another realization in -37 stickers don't stick.  So I looped the sticker around the tie part of the bag and stuck it to itself.  Hopefully the stickers will stay on their bags and when the town comes they will pick them up.  No sticker (even if it is mother natures fault) = no pick up and then I'd still be out the $6 I spent on 2 stickers. 

Luckily, after that, the day care drop off went smoothly and I was still at work within a reasonable time.  I don't hate winter when it is all snowflakes and mildly cold, but this nastiness going on outside can go right back where it came from.  Excuse me while I go make a countdown for 'days until spring.'



Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Five percent

Weight loss journal:

Oh Wednesday.  Weigh-in Wednesday - usually I'm excited for it!  I can't wait to see my progress!  Today I was a little apprehensive - last week's weigh-in was no great success I lost 1lb.  My brain knew that 1lb lost is better than 1lb gained but I was all excited because I had done so well the two weeks prior.  So today I stepped on that scale and was down 2lbs.  Still good - still something to be proud of but I need to do better!  I kow I can do better.  Tonight I'm going to prove to myself that I am dedicated to fitness.  It is supposed to feel like -30 and you bet your boots - I'm going for a run.  Outside.

If you just said out loud - HOLY DINA SHE'S CRAZY.

You're right.  I am - a little.  It's just that I want to complete this couch to 5K program and if I wait for the weather in Manitoba to co-operate I'm going to be waiting a very long time. Plus it was over a week in between day 1 and day 2 of week 2 and I definitely felt it.  I'm going to keep on going.  I saw a post on instagram that said "a bad run is still better than no run at all"  I couldn't agree more.  I'm going to dress warmly and have a hot soak as soon as I get home as a reward.  And Shhhhh don't tell anyone but I may even reward myself with a Tassimo hot chooclate.  Whats 3 points when you've just burned through 6?  I promise on non -30 days I'll stick to water ;) 

On to my every day life.

Paige and I over slept this morning.  More accurately I got up super early and went back to bed.  That my friends, is never a good idea.  Chad's parents are out of town for a little while so he is opening up the store.  Which means a 5:15 wake up alarm.  As the good wife that I try to be I got up with him to go make him breakfast.  It was an omlette kind of day so it was fast and easy.  Luckily I can make omlettes while I'm still half asleep (something I learned this morning) I'm not sure how good it was but it was food.  What I should have done is a mini work out, made lunches and spent an actual amount of time on my hair.  What I actually did was stumble up the stairs and fall back into bed until... duh duh duh 7:41am.  I try to be at work for 8:15 I HAVE to be at work for 8:30.  I still had to get dressed, get Paige dressed, brush teeth etc, make lunches, get Paige fed breakfast and into her snow gear and get into the car do the day care drop off and get to work.  Does that seem plausable in 50min?  It is but barely.  Especially when her favorite phrases come into play.

Paige should we go and get dressed?
Yes I think we should.
Babe lookit mommy's late and we need to hurry.
Mommy look! I draw chalk, c'mere pooh bear.
Paige.  We. Need. To. Get. Ready.

Then I got a little co-operation.  She brushed her teeth and we carried on everything was going swimmingly.  8:15 - must get out the door.  I needed to get Paige into her jacket and boots.  The very moment that thought ran through my brain I heard this:

Mommy, I need pee potty!

Don't get me wrong I'm thrilled to BITS that she is 21 months old and 99% potty trained (night time accidents still happen so she wears a pull up but only while she's sleeping) but having said that my girl can pick the most inoppertune moment to need to go pee. 

Oh well at least the pillow marks were off my face by the time I strolled into work... I think anyway.



Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Before Facebook

Do you remember such a time?  I know I do.  I know most people I know do but I also know there is a whole new generation coming up who will not.  My daughter's generation. 

When facebook was first introduced it was a neat new thing.  Something easier to use than things that were already out in the media sphere like myspace.  Something faster than email, more interactive, more dynamic.  I opened my first facebook account when I was 17 in grade 11 if I do recall.  However that facebook was not what it is today.  It was much smaller and you only 'friended' people you actually knew.  Privacy settings were more simplistic and actually understandable to someone who does not have a law and IT degree.  It was fun - you could share your pictures - your friends would comment on them.  You could play the odd game and tell your friends and family what was going on in your everyday life.  Businesses weren't really a part of it, not that I remember anyway.

That is not the facebook that I participate in today.  Today my facebook is full of negative things.  I have many people on my friends list that I don't talk to.  I would never send a message to but I also have nothing against I just don't know them, anymore.  Maybe I went to school with them, or atteneded the same function and spoke to them alot at said function or knew someone who knew someone who went to school with them.  Nonetheless I don't want anyone to take offense.  I enjoy looking at whatever people have to post about their everyday lives and if I happen to not care for a particular post I am more than capable of scrolling right on past.  It seems everyone does not have that capability.  There is alot of people hurting others' feelings on facebook these days. Critisim is everywhere.  'Jokes' about 'those people' who post nothing but___________.  People are unknowingly hurting their friends feelings by critizing their posts.  Some would say by pointing out that their posts are hurtful in nature would be me critizing that persons' posts and therefor I am just as bad.  People are getting to a saturation point in Facebook where even though these people are their friends and they are not setting out deliberately to hurt them they are.  It's very simple.  Facebook is changing and in my eyes, not for the better.

The other thing that is very disturbing are some of the photographs that are being circulated.  Pictures of abused children, mutilated animals, beaten women, children with deformaties always with a caption.  Please like and share this picture to stop ___________ or to support__________.  No.  Sharing and liking this picture does not stop or support anything.  Let's have this be known all you are doing is popularizing this photograph.  Think about it.  That picture of a child - did that child or that child's parent consent to having this picture on the internet? No, I highly doubt it.  The fact that Facebook allows images like this to be distributed is appalling.  Another strike against facebook.  I understand the premise of these posts and I understand the people 'liking' and 'sharing' think they're doing something good but its really not, in my opinion anyway.

The most recent phenomina however, is I/these kids/whoever deserve 1 million 'likes' because __________.  This started out as something cute/inspiring/etc.  You know a photo of a solider 'like if you support our troops'.  A picture of a child 'I kicked cancers butt'.  Things like that now its 'like if you think these kids deserve a puppy' 'like if you think my girlfriend and I should have a baby' which I don't really care if these posts come up in my news feed because I am capable of scrolling past neutral posts without thinking about it but if you ever stop to read the comments under the pictures - they are disgusting.  The fact that 1000 people would take time out of their day to insult children who want a puppy is grotesque.  Others comment kind things like 'adopt a rescue' or similar captions but the fact remains that facebook is largely negative. 

My family and I are trying to 'clean up our lives.' This applies to every aspect of our lives.  We are cleaning up our diet, organizing our home, streamlining every aspect.  I believe that you become what you are surrounded by its human nature.  I, like so many others, am trying to make myself a better person.  I don't think facebook is helping me to do that.  In fact, I would argue that it is standing in my way. 

Now, having said all that, I do believe there are good things on facebook too.  Support groups for people with the same problems or the same lifestyle.  Support for families who have lost a loved one in a tragic manner.  Support of any kind is good.  I am part of a group that supports each other as we live the 'fire family' lifestyle.  We have a common bond and understand each other's struggles in ways that other families can not.  It is a constant souce of support and light and I am grateful for it.  I will not leave this group but once I have saved all of my pictures on facebook (that I want to keep) to my computer and successfully deleted them off of my profile.  It will be adios for me and facebook.  It's too bad.  I enjoyed the 'old' facebook but I can't see this current state of affairs changing any time soon as its now a money making corporation.  I will still participate on Instagram, yes I realize its owned by facebook, but so far my instagram is a constant source of positivity and inspiration.  Until that changes I will continue with it. 

I also realize the cringe worthy irony of my posting this blog post on facebook but I feel that it is the best way to make why I'm leaving known.  Also anyone of my friends or family who want to recieve updates on our family, pictures of Paige etc are more than welcome to email me, text me and/or follow my blog to see what we're up to.  I think it will be easier to maintain this blog without the hassel of facebook. 

I really hope I haven't offended anyone with this post.  I certainly am not trying to hurt anyone's feelings.  If you like facebook all the  more power to you!  At this time its just not for me.  :) 
Have a great Tuesday everybody!



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More of the same

Good day blogosphere,

I haven't written a post in awhile for 4 reasons:

1. I have been seriously lacking sleep.  See most recent post (also right after I was done posting that Paige woke up and raised hell)
2. I have been sick with some weird flu/cold mutation.
3. Paige has been more destructive than usual
4. I don't really have any one topic to post about.  Life has just been more of the same.  So I think I'll pick a topic out of the air.  Hmm Let's see... Back talk!

Toddlers shouldn't even be capable of it - and yet mine is.  Here are some of her favorite phrases (most of them contradict one another).

"Mommy do it."
"Mommy goooo getttt itttt" (whiney)
"You better clean that up!"
"What's up dude?" (blame her father 100%)
"What's up dog?" (blame 75% her father 25% me watching american idol)
"Noooooooo mommmmmmmy That not yours that MINE"

Do you see a theme here? Not yet?  I'll go on.

"Paige's phone" (tightly clutching MY phone)
"Paige's couch"
"Paige's _____ insert any word she's probably said it.

and most recently the dreaded "I do it my own self"

Aren't toddlers precious?  Also she recently had her marker priviledges taken away.  She had done so well in the past with only coloring on the pages of her coloring book.  Not the case the other day I watched her take the lid off the marker and begin to color in her pants I told her no and gave her another chance and as soon as she thought I wasn't looking - Boom pants marker.  urgh.  She screamed and had a fit I put the markers away and haven't brought them out again since.  I'm almost getting used to the meltdowns.  I just ignore them.  What a mean mom I am eh? She usually gets over it pretty quick.  That's all I have for news around our household... a little dull but such is live.  No news is good news!



Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lacking Zzzz's

Oy.  I need to sleep more.  This I know.  I stay up so that I can 'get stuff done'.  It's usually the same list each night.

*pick up toys
*find and account for the 628 markers/crayons that are scattered about
*Clear the table
*Clean the kitchen

Some nights I'm super successful and I get right to it and get it all done and have the reward of waking up to a fresh, tidy house.  But do you know what happens on lazy nights?

I sit down.  Mistake #1.  Once I sit so much harder to re-get going than it would've been if I had just stayed going in the first place.  Mistake #2 I pick up my laptop and sign in to ww to log my points.  Then I open two more tabs and start perusing facebook, maybe look at mb mutts, open baby gap you know everything that could possibly suck time.

Or even better I'll while away the minutes making a list of the things I want to accomplish in the evening.  What a joke.  When I sit down and start making a list I might as well just turn everything off and go to bed because for reals that is how many things I'll get crossed off my list.  And yet here I sit.  At 12:17 pm and I'm still pathetically hopeful that I'll get my house in order before I turn in for the night :S.  Well the sooner I get off of here I guess the closer I'll get to... falling asleep in my husbands recliner..

It`s ok everybody because I`m going to get up early and get it all done in the morning! (I always say that I have yet to succeed.)

Does anybody else do this?!?

Oh dear.  All I can say is TGIF.



Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Brand new

I'm realizing alot of things as I get older and (maybe) a little wiser.  One of my recent revelations has been that I am a better mom, wife, friend, daughter, employee and any other hat I wear when I work out.  It sounds crazy doesn't it?  It does to me.  When I say it out loud - it sounds totally bonkers.

How can going for a run, or hitting the gym or attending a yoga class make me a better mom?  How can any of those things make me a better employee??? But I have seen it almost in slow motion time and time again.  When I don't exercise regularly - I am way more likely to be impatient, short, lost my temper easier, make mistakes, forget things... the list goes on.


If I get in that run or even just a workout DVD in the living room I am ten times happier, more productive, playful and nice! I like being nice!  I think I just really need those endorphins from working out.  It sounds silly but it feels right.

I am still kind of marvelling at how going for a run is the difference between my house being clean or messy the dishes being done or left in the sink and all of those other little things that just exhaust us by thinking about them.  With exercise all of a sudden I just do them I don't think about it.  I just get more done.  And as the saying goes 'if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy' it works the other way too.  When mama is excited and enthusiastic it brightens up everyone else around her!  If someone would have told me 'you know Tami if you exercise for 45 minutes every day, every single aspect of your life will be better' I totally would've laughed in their face.  I would've said they were crazy and that sure I might feel better but there was no possible way that one simple thing like that could have that kind of a crazy domino effect.

Well folks. I stand corrected.  It does indeed affect everything.  

Also today was my 2 week weigh in for weight watchers and let me just say - I wanna sing from the hill tops!  Except for that I am trying to be conscience of how much other people actually want to hear about my weight loss journey.  Having said that I've lost 8lbs! EIGHT! In two weeks! All I have to do is mentally envision a stack of 8 1lb bricks of butter and I'm in amazement.  that much extra 'stuff' for lack of a better word has come off my body! Yikes! Also I completed day 1 of week 2 of Couch to 5K and that in itself is an accomplisment for me.  I have never gotten past week 1 before because it was just so hard for me and now that I'm fitter and a little smaller everything is getting easier.  I can't wait for what life has ahead because I'm on a track that I don't want to get off of!



Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's working - or maybe I am

Tomorrow is weigh in day for my weight watchers journey.  It will mark 2 weeks in the program for me.  I have never felt this way before.  I am excited to weigh myself.  Did I just say that?!? It seems so crazy! Even back in my 'skinny' days I was never excited about weighing myself it was always this big anxious, gut wrenching thing.  Buuut I have a confession - I couldn't wait I was too excited! Much like a kid on Christmas... I know it sounds weird to me too.  So I snuck in and weighed myself yesterday.  I told Chad my big confession and said I dropped 4 lbs and he says 'altogether? that's great!' and I said no babe I dropped 3 lbs the first week and 4 as of today! (Monday) 7 lbs total.  Then he actually looked excited! MY husband! He doesn't get excited for annnything!

Also I bought myself a little 'good for me' treat.  Now pre weight watchers this probably would've been a bakery brownie or some kind of ice cream that would've been inhaled in 3.5 seconds however this is the new me!  I bought myself (and my family) a food scale.  *so sorry if this doesn't excite you*  Turns out I've been measuring my food all wrong.  What I 'eyeballed' as 3 to 4 oz of meat yesterday turned out to be only 2.2 oz.  Hmm I always knew I wasn't good with estimating spacial math hahaha.  I actually had a funny thought this morning as I was making Chad's breakfast while admiring my new shiny silver companion.  I remember (a long time ago) watching an episode of house hunters international where there was a couple and they were looking for a house in some tropical destination - I don't even remember where - and they were talking about all of the things the house needed to have.  She said 'a great kitchen because we are super careful about what and how we eat which includes measuring everything' and then HH played a little clip of she and her husband in their kitchen in the states measuring out portions while they cooked together.  I remember thinking oh wow those people are crazy - seriously who has time to measure their food to the teeniest gram?

Funny how times change isn't it?

I can't wait confirm my loss for this past week tomorrow morning - however I have one more obstacle in my way.  I am going out for supper tonight with one of my awesome girl friends and we will be bringing our littles with us.  I've told myself I'm just going to order a salad but I know that Paige will probably have fries and I might just sneak a few but I'll keep myself under my points budget for today and fingers crossed for tomorrow morning.

Another obstacle I've been dealing with here in sunny Manitoba is the weather.  Friday (yes 5 DAYS ago) was supposed to be my day to run Week 2 Day 1 of Couch to 5K however mother nature dropped a nasty snow storm on us with 65 kmph winds and gusting and wicked cold so that didn't happen.  I've been waiting for it to warm up ever since but to no avail.  This gal is bummed about it.  I love running.  I don't know if I'm really allowed to say that considering I'm still such a newb at it but I love the way I feel during my run, I love having nature all around me and my favourite music pumping in my brain, I love having that time away from everything to think about something and work it out or to not think about anything at all.  I am not a treadmill kind of girl.  Although I think I may just have to become one for the month of January in MB because otherwise it looks like I won't be getting a run in at all and that will just not do.

Today I have a lunch date with another girl friend we're just meeting at my house which makes it oodles easier to stay on track but tomorrow I have a lunch date with myself at the gym.  

I just keep thinking how great it will be to post my before and after pictures in how ever many months this takes.  At an average of losing 2lbs / week I will definitely be there by bathing suit season! Yay!!



Friday, January 11, 2013

I needed a time out

Is that fair?  I had the most miserable morning a few days ago, Wednesday actually.  Mostly it was my fault.  I piddled away a precious 20 minutes in the morning and it put my whole morning behind (surprise surprise) by 20 minutes!  Because of plans I had that evening I knew I needed to have Chad's lunch made and dropped off as well as pack all of my running gear (so that I could do my run on my lunch hour) in addition to the regular junk that has to get done in the morning.  Things that could've hypothetically gotten done during my wasted 20 minutes.  Then Paige was dragging her feet and running away from me and doing things that 2 year olds do.  Doing things she does most mornings and it wasn't fair but I was frustrated and annoyed.  The really crappy part?  I was annoyed with myself.  But who gets to be hurried and hastled for that?  Yep my baby girl.  I hate even typing it.  I really do.  I apologized to her and said mommy was sorry that she yelled and acted in anger and do you know what my 21 month old did? She hugged me and said its ok mommy.  I hugged her back and kissed her and said its not ok but mommy is glad that you can forgive her.  When I dropped her off at day care she cried and wanted mom.  I'm not sure why if I were my own mother that morning I wouldn't have wanted me.  Not even a little bit.  So I cried on my way to work and my heart ached for anger I can't take back.  All I can do is my best to make sure that it doesn't happen again.  I can only do my best but some days it feels like my best just isn't enough.  Love you paiger-danger. Mommy's sorry.  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pickles, batteries and spaghetti...

All you moms (or any women out there!) who work outside the home have those days where you have to buy things on one trip that just don't go together - like you have a shopping cart with animal crackers, cat litter, light blubs and feminie hygene supplies and you just kind of shrug at the look your 15 year old cashier gives you.

 Also if you're like me you always, always, alllllways forget your list.  Or forget to write important things on your list so you repeat them in your head over and over until you're sure when you reach the grocery store, hardware store, dollar store etc you will remember. 

I had forgotten three things on my 'big' grocery day and leaving work I knew I had to remember them on Friday night after work because it was my Saturday to work the next day.  I went into the grocery store across the street from my office saying (out loud but not loudly enough that I thought anyone could hear...) pickles, batteries, spaghetti, pickles, batteries, spaghetti... well I guess when you say it out loud it makes you look a little bit crazy.

I was getting some funny looks and quickly gathered my items and those extras you see and it clicks in your head oooh yeahhhh we're out of that too.  For example I had my pickles, they didnt have my kind of batteries and my spaghetti, then I grabbed a 2L of 2% milk and a can of pasta sauce becuase $2.99 was worth 30 minutes of my time to go home and make the sauce from scratch (which I normally do because I like it better), and a bag of grapes (because 0 points on WW!!) and a bag of apples.  My pickles, batteries and spaghetti cost me $43 by the time I was done! :s And I didn't even GET batteries.  Does anyone else do this?  Is it just me?  I am going to go ahead and blame my mom! Sorry ma!

When we were kids dad would wait in the car with the 3 of us (I realize why now haha) and mom would 'just run in for a jug of milk' and we would place bets on how long it would take her and how many bags she would come out with.  dad would usually high ball and guess a lot like 5, my brothers would be somewhere in the middle and I always having faith in my mom would say 1 with milk in it! I was never, ever right.  Usually dad would be right or mom would be over dad's guess... annnnd it looks like its genetic!  We can blame this on genes right?

New years goal: Just one time to go in and actually only come out with a jug of milk or ya know whatever crazy-don't-go-together things are on my mental list that day! Haha!



Friday, January 4, 2013

I can't handle the truth!

Can you?  Toddlers certainly think that truth should be spoken.  Loudly. Everywhere.  Paige is finding her voice when it comes to how she sees things examples such as:

We went to her grandparents house for supper.  We were eating pizza that night, homemade pizza, and I was trying to prompt Paige to eat. 
Me: MmmM isn't it good Paige?
Paige: (quirks an eyebrow) Its ooohtay. 
Me (trying to recover) But aren't you going to have some more? It's so good!
Paige: No, I'm all done. 

Drat.  Her grandma offered to make Paige something else to eat but I'm not the nice of a mom.  I said no way! If she's hungry she'll eat her pizza.  If she doesn't want her pizza she's not really that hungry. 

Two days later I'm getting ready for work and Paige is happily playing with her babies.  Paige asked me for milk so I gave her some in her tupperware sippy. 
Then I told her "mommy is going upstairs to get ready ok?  I'll be right back!"
LITERALLY 10 minutes later I came back downstairs to see my floor covered in - you guessed it - milk. 
I looked around and hollered "Paige WHAT IS THIS?" pointing to the milk. 
Paige looked at me like I was an idiot and said simply "It's a mess."
Well that cracked me up but I kept my composure "Why is this mess here Paige?  Who made it?" 
Paige "baby was thirsty" sure enough there's one of her dolls she got for Christmas just outside (thank goodness!) the milky mess. 
Me "what should we do about this Paige?"
Paige "clean it up"
Me "I should clean up your mess? what do you say?"
Paige "Pleeasse"

She also regularly asks family and friends if she can see their belly button.  But at least she's not asking total strangers.... yet. 

What are some funny (or not so funny but ridiculous) things your toddlers have said/done?



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A new adventure

I've done something that is kind of a big deal for me!  Chad fully supports me and I have joined weight watchers.  I have some weight I've been struggling with.  I gained ALOT of weight when I was pregnant with my daughter.  Everything went great for the first 6 months and then I started packing on pounds with no reason why.  I was still doing everything right eating properly, exercising but it didn't matter they just kept coming on faster and faster it seemed.  And let me tell you - when you are pregnant and gaining weight for no reason that is a hormonal, emotional nightmare.  You cry and then pretty soon after going to the doctor and complaining about said unexplained weight gain you get dismissed you give up.  I remember thinking well if I'm going to be fat anyway I may as well be happy too.  As it would turn out when I switched doctors I had undiagnosed pregnancy induced hypertension.  A type of condition where you retain fluid, swell up (ALL OVER) have high blood pressure and lots of other unpleasant symptoms.  That was the culprit and maybe if I had known that I wouldn't have had such a meltdown but alas I did.  And 80 lbs later I gave birth via C-section to my beautiful daughter.  (the only cure for PIH) It is even harder to lost baby weight when you have a very sore incision and lots of other complications from a hard and ugly labor and delivery.  

However! I did lost it every last pound! But I did have some weight I had wanted to lose before I became pregnant.  Now is the time, now is the time for me! I'm excited for the journey ahead of me and I hope you'll all come along for the ride!  I'm most excited for the day I can post my before and after picture when I reach my goal! 




Has anybody else had any success with ww? Any hints and tips? 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry Everything!

One of the Christmas cards that we received (but did not return sorry!) had in big colorful letters Merry Everything! I couldn't have said it better myself! Here are some fun pictures from our holiday gatherings! 

Helping mom decorate the tree

Finished product! Not too bad if I do say so myself!

Paige and Santa : Paige - HI SANTA!! 
Santa: Hi Paige what would you like for Christmas?
Paige: CHEESE! 
oh my... 

Hmm which ones are for me?? 

Pretty Christmas dress!

Opening presents is serious business!

Paige loves Christmas trees! 

9 am Dec 25 Went to see if Paige was ready to get up.  No, not nearly haha!  I will enjoy this while I still have it!

Daddy was a happy boy!

Paige loves her chair!  

Gotta feed the baby Mom

My girl and I 

Auntie Christy and Paige reading 'The Belly Button Book' 

My moms cat quite content to be snuggled - rough life those animals have... 

Paige helpin' mom make supper

haha We weren't eating cat/dog food she just was allowed those to play with as they are sealed and she had some fun!

We had a fantastic holiday as a family.  All of the Christmases went well - no meltdowns from Paige except for when Chad's cousin Taylor's boyfriend tried to help by carrying her down the stairs she took a minute to get over that one! haha Sorry Colin!  We are officially in 2013 now and I have every intention of making it an even better year than 2012!  

How was your Christmas, New year etc?