Friday, September 21, 2012

No bottle? No problem!

Hello all -

I have been thinking about when to take Paige's bottle out of her night time routine for some time now.  She is 17 months old and we have limited her bottle drinking to right before bed only since 11 or 12 months if I remember right.  It was never really that big of a deal.  I didn't even know that kids drank from bottles other than as little babies or at bed time.  Seriously, it didnt dawn on me.  What do I drink from while I'm eating? A cup.  Sooo from the time Paige started solids (4 - 5 months) she drank from a cup at food time.  She only quit nursing at 9 months old and so bottles just didn't really play into our every day.  Bottles were reserved for naps and bed, not consciously though it just kind of happened that way.  Then eventually we cut them out for naps and had only one at bed time. 

Last night she was verrrry tired (that probably played to my favour) and after I set her in her crib she plopped her little head on her pillow and I walked out of the room.  She rolled around and sang to herself for a bit.  She only stood up once looking around and saying Moooom? When I didn't answer and pretended to be asleep she shrugged and lay down.  Zzz boom.  Will tonight be that easy?  I can hope but now that I've gone and told the whole world how good last night was - tonight if the sleep deprivation gnomes are listening will probably be awful.  I honestly think that if I don't exclaim 'Paige do you want your bobble?!?' She might not think of it either.

* fingers crossed everybody*

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big Grandma

Prelude** So I'm new to this whole blogging thing - not sure if I posted this prior I just meant to save it as a draft lol **

Hello all - Something near and dear to my heart is going on today - it is the nationwide Alzheimer's coffee break.  (

My great grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease when I was quite young 9 or so if I remember correctly and it is a disease that has a profound effect on a family for so many reasons.  Many local business' including my work place are hosting an Alzheimer's coffee break to both raise awareness of the disease and funds for research. Employees are contributing assorted dainties and treats for people of the community to munch on during their coffee break.  I was enthusiastic about whipping up some baking for a good cause - I love baking but don't love what eating too much of it does to my hips!  Then I started thinking while people are sitting there and visiting and eating treats what will they be talking about?  The latest small town gossip perhaps?  The last big story on the evening news?  Those are all fine topics but I wondered if maybe I could make the purpose behind the coffee break come to life a little bit for the coffee breakers, however I didn't want to put a big gloomy cloud over it either.  This is what I came up with to put on a little card in with my dessert.

Alzheimer Awareness
My contribution to today's treats is a delicate strawberry glaze tart.  They are peanut free, homemade from base to top and so beautiful (or at least they were supposed to be :/) they can't possibly be fattening.  I chose to make this particular dessert today because they were my great grandma's favourite and when I was very young she was dianosed with Alzheimer's disease.

This was the woman who had raised up her daughter as a single mother in the 1940's.  This was the same woman who in a time where it was frowned upon for women to work outside the home - bought her own home.  This was the same woman who had babysat me for 8 hours a day from the time I was 2 weeks old until I started school.  This was the same woman who no longer remembered my name.

Alzheimer's disease is very real.  We as a population often joke about it and see it on cards about getting older - but make no mistake Alzheimer's affects families in so many ways.  It has the potential to take someone away from you long before they die.  The serious facts aside, please take a tart or another kind of dainty served up by our staff and enjoy your coffee break!  My grandma would certainly be enjoying hers if she were here!  Please also consider making a donation so that families can get better treatments for their loved ones and keep family memories alive for longer than they could have otherwise.

We appreciate you coming in today!

   My great grandma was lovingly dubbed 'big grandma' very early on in her career as a great grandmother and she relished every minute of it.  I still think of her often even more so since having my own little girl.  She was an incredible example of so many things, independence, balance in life, calm during times of turbulence, humility, a gentle and giving spirit rooted in faith to name just a few.  Its 1:35 am and I have just finished the tarts - they look and smell delicious!  I'm hoping they taste the same!

      I don't really know how to end this post (bear with me I'm hoping I'll get better at this)  but I suppose I'll end it with a short letter to my grandma...

Grandma - I love you, I miss you, I miss sitting at your kitchen and playing with that green plasticine.  I wish you could have met my husband and my daughter.  I wish I could have known you as an adult - I've heard great things from my mom!  Also I am making you a promise.  At the next Alzheimer's walk I am going to run the 5K and every cent I raise will be donated in your name.  I love you big I love you little I love you like a little pig!

There you have it - apologies for the extremely emotional nature of this first post.  Thanks for reading!


~ t